Oct 15, 2007

this should have been posted on the 1st

october is national domestic violence awareness month.

and in honor of it AND my mom, i am making this text purple. i also have a small purple ribbon in my profile.

my mom is a victim AND a *survivor* of it.
thank God she survived.
sadly, alot of women don't.

i was also a victim (let me make it clear...it wasn't jason!), but not as bad as my mom was.
but either way, all DV is bad. it's painful and it sticks with you your whole life.
you don't forget, but with God's help, you can go on.
i won't go into details, but i am thankful to God that we are all out of that situation.
i am also glad that my sisters don't have to be in it.

please please if you know *anyone* in a violent relationship...get them some help!
there is a hotline number:
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

mom, i love you and am thankful you are still here.

...google search on domestic violence awareness...

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