Jan 2, 2009

happy new year, y'all.

i have a resolution. well, 2.
while i won't call it weight loss, i do hope that it's a result of my goal to be healthier.

i did not over eat on new years eve. and i only had 1 beer.

i am just tired of being uncomfortable. tired of being unhealthy. i need to do this before there are consequences.
diabetes, heart probs and high blood pressure run in my family.
i have to change myself before it changes me.
i'm ready.

God gave me this one body and i need to take care of it. i want/need to be here for my kids & husband.

and i need to not only change physically, but spiritually as well. my prayer life has been seriously lacking as of late. :-/

ok, i'm off to clean up this place.


c.a. Marks said...

WOOT! A blogspot account! YAY!!!!!

c.a. Marks said...

Love the background and template by the way

gabgirl said...

i'm slow...
i just clicked on your name and realized you had a BLOG!! LOVE IT!

btw, your title made me laugh outloud! :P

here's to you & yours and 2009...hope it's an incredible year for your family!

Brandi Sims said...

thanks, carol! :)
i've actually had it about a year, but never really used it.

Brandi Sims said...

haha! thanks, g! same to you :)

Chad Toney said...

Day 5, how are ya doing? Keep it up! :)

Brandi Sims said...

good so far. thank you!

i'm making a grocery list right now and trying to add lots more fresh veggies and healthier choices to the list.