Jan 3, 2009

rolling meth lab

my cousin is a cullman police officer. he recently stopped a woman for an obstructed windshield but discovered a rolling meth lab! and sadly, i think that girl went to school with us.

here's the article

you never know who (or what) you're driving next to.
scary, cuz meth labs have been known to explode!


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c.a. Marks said...

Dang, scary indeed. But nowadays, isn't it true that if you have any combination of anything in your car then it could be deemed as meth lab or bomb making materials? LOL That's the way it seems it's going these days anyway. I had better get my car freshener, cigarette lighter, umbrella, an old bottle of water, and a couple of forgotten life-savers out of my car before someone thinks I'm going to build something dangerous with it. LOL OK, I'm being a little over sarcastic here. I know what you mean, it is scary. One never knows anymore. Sad.