Apr 20, 2009

"Cool off your jets, take off your sweats, i gotta funny feeling they got plastic in the afterlife"

outside my window: gray sky, quiet, cool

i am thinking: of all the thing i have to get done today. so much to do around here. clean, laundry, care for sick kids (they stayed home today)...

i am thankful for
: the energy i seem to have right now. i hope it lasts!

from the kitchen:
well, it needs cleaning. gotta tackle that in a minute.

i am wearing:
denim capri's, threadless tee & the black silk flip-flops i bought at a little boutique in Italy. (remember those, ginny?)

i am going: to be cleaning today.

i am creating:
a clean house? i hope so.

i am reading:
i just don't have time for reading....wish i did.

i am hoping:
that we can make it to Panoply this weekend!alex gets to go with the 5th graders on friday...and the weather is supposed to be very warm! yay!

i am hearing: Beck - painted eyelids

around the house:
it's a disaster area. looks like a snow globe that been shook up.

one of my favorite things:
can't pick just one...a clean smelling home, downy fabric softener, music, flip-flops, warm weather, opening my windows, incense, british accents, the sound of fingers sliding up and down guitar strings, "squirty stuff" as jason calls it; good smelling lotions & perfumes :)

a few plans for the week:
clean today, groceries tomorrow, work wednesday & thursday, clean some more on friday, then panoply? i hope so.

this week my nails are
: unpainted as usual. they need shaping up.

here is a picture i am sharing: i found these STUPID magnets in wal*mart. why? and who made them? and again, why?


gabgirl said...

OMG, the flip flops! guess what i am wearing RIGHT now?? nope, not the flip flops...but the ONLY pair of capri pants i had to my name in italy!! this is the first time i've worn them since i wore them for DAYS in and DAYS out~

memories~ :O)

p.s. would you consider posting a recipe you make? i don't know why (maybe it's all of your father in law stories about him wanting your food??) but i'm thinking you cook like "food network!" would love some of your recipes!

Brandi Sims said...

hahahah. i will not even put on those stupid sandals i wore the whole freakin time. i should just throw them out!

i just posted a recipe :)