Jan 5, 2009

living with f-i-l is very stressful

so, the father-in-law has been living with us for the past 5 years or so.
amazingly, he helps out with rent, etc, which is nice, but he's just so annoying!

i have come to learn (just over the weekend) that apparently he expects me to be home to cook supper every night.
um, no. i didn't sign a contract with him saying that i'd be cooking supper anytime he's hungry.

saturday, we go out as a family (jason, the boys and myself). i don't think we told him we were leaving...and why should we? i mean, if we're not there around supper, he can fix him something to eat. he does it all the flippin time, anyway!
we had lunch together, then we had coffee at jamo's. it was around 5. jason gets a call. it's his dad.
basically he was wondering where we were and when we were coming home cuz he was getting hungry. he even asked what the noise was that he heard in the background. NOSY!

we eventually get home and he has already eaten a bowl of soup. but he still pouts and actually asks if we went to eat!

i did not cook anything that night.

he's a grown man. he knows how to cook a few things. it wasn't like there wasn't anyting to make.
and even if i let him know that i will be cooking...sometimes i do that, it doesn't matter. he eats pre-supper. no joke! i swear he eats 15 times a day.

he gets up early and eats cereal.
if it's the weekend, i usually cook breakfast. he's there to eat that, too.
during the week, he eats lunch at the senior center, comes home only to eat again.
then he'll eat just before i start cooking supper.
and then he'll eat supper again.
then he gets up to eat between 10 and midnight.
he eats like 4 teens put together.

and his hand washing skills/room keeping/bathroom cleaning needs MAJOR help, but you can't tell him ANYTHING or he'll pout and run to his room just like a kid! i'm NOT kidding.
we cannot have a grown up conversation with him. it's impossible.


and just now:
fil: brandi? do you know where the heating pad is?
me: yes.
fil: get it for me. i need it for my knee.
me: *silence* (thinking that a "would you mind getting that heating pad for me when you get a chance?" would be really nice) but no...just a demand.
then to give me an oh-so-subtle hint as to get up and get it right now, he comes out of his room and makes a big shhheeww sound to get my attention.

i have not gotten it yet. he's gonna wait since he's being so damn demanding!

yeah, i'm having a ranty day. and i'm not even pms'ing!
i could go on and on and on...but i'll spare you.


Hannah said...

ahhh people can be so annoying. i can't imagine living with someone like that. God bless you for putting up with it. : )

c.a. Marks said...

Oh my goodness gracious! Set him up on Facebook; that'll keep him distracted for a while. LOL Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This will sound stupid, but our bird acts the same way. We're told in all our books that when he's squawking and demanding attention to ignore him. When he's quiet and being pleasant then we can go in and be with him. So that's what we do. If he's being demanding we just ignore it. I may even be in the room with him but I'll let him squawk until he's squawked out. Then I'll go over and say, "Hey there bird how are you?" and take him out.

Obviously you can't do that with your FIL but you know, maybe something along the same lines?