Jan 6, 2009

re-dreaming the dream

why do i keep having the same type of dream so often?

i couldn't tell you how many times i've had a dream where i'm back at school. i'm in a classroom, it lets out and i have no freakin idea where i'm supposed to go or what class i'm to go to, can't locate my locker (but if i do, i can never remember the combination) and i'm trying to get home and i miss the bus!

i swear, it's like this every time!
how annoying!


Anonymous said...

This dream, from what I've read, is two things: 1)it's an anxiety dream; 2) there is also something that you're not learning from the dream, so you'll keep having it until you get it. This guy I read about said he use to have a dream where he would try to teach a class but the kids would ignore him and be rowdy and rude. The more he dreamt it the worse the kids got. Finally his dream teacher suggested that maybe he's not the teacher. So the next time he dreamt the dream he sat at a desk and became a student. He said the dream was awesome after that.

c.a. Marks said...

Man, I haven't dreamed in a long time until last night. I dreamt that everyone was having babies, including ME and we couldn't figure out what to name him. LOL And no, I'm not pregnant - nor will I be, sadly. I'm too old anyway. LOL