Jan 7, 2009

zalad from zaxby's

i had a zalad for lunch. a grilled chicken zalad with the lite vinaigrette.
if you know zaxby's, you know they give you that yummy, buttery, greasy, salty toast with your order.
i love that toast, but i know i don't need it.
that's why i said no bread when i placed my order today.
and i had tea. just a tiny bit of sweet mixed with mainly unsweet.

and for breakfast, i made an awesome smoothie for jason and i.

1 cup ice
8-10 frozen peach slices
4 strawberries
1 red delicious apple with skin, cored
about a cup of oj
1/4 cup avacado
1/2 cup vanilla non fat yogurt

blend til smooth

oh man, it's so good!
it held me over til lunch time, too.


Hannah said...

that smoothie sounds good.

and ohhhh that bread at zaxbys. i have to order no bread too, because otherwise i would devour it.

gabgirl said...

wow brandi...
you are rockin'!

i'm gonna try the smoothie. it sounds Y-U-M!

Brandi Sims said...

thanks, g!

and even more rockin' is how jason is doing this with me. i'm so proud of him. it was neat seeing him at a salad bad instead of the stuff he'd usually go for. and he ate that zaxby's zalad with me :)
he is really wanting to keep it up. and i'm so happy.

oh, yeah, try that smoothie...it's really good. we had another this morning for breakfast!